ANOTHER RED project a series of photographs that are open to the conscious and unconscious reactions to the red color. “Another red” - a sacral-static compositions imbued with the cult of physicality, psycho-physics association of red with a touch of baroque. Every man is personality, but in each there formed a collective, mass consciousness as a result of living in society, atmosphere, space. People form the signs, symbols and values, by using the information, by taking part in the exchange of organic and inorganic substances in the flow of energy. The concept of the individual is formed on the basis of individual susceptibility to a particular element. Ambivalence, ambiguity, synonymy, variation in opportunities to feel and perceive appears. Out of habit 80 percent of the information we perceive eyes, and we trust them in the first place, because most benchmarks is based on the shape and color. Physics, philosophy, psychology and physiology of color perception directly intersects in this photo project. “Another red” gives to the viewer a form and color to rethink values. The idea is framed in baroque style with sacral-static composition through the cult of physicality to the abstract concept or symbol. These works are material for the form associations, emotions, concepts with a small gap to allegorical own illusions, dreams.

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