We are far from home, where we are loved and awaited. Here, too, we are cared for by local people, but we are here - a reminder of the war.
We are in a new house, and we are waiting for each other, and we love each other. Here we are all mothers for all and a big new family.
Here hugs are compensation for all losses. Hugs to save.

March 2022. War in Ukraine.

author Olexandra Pavlovska
curator Lucy Nychai

Part of collection “Internal elements”. 2022, Ukraine Intuition, Love, Healing, Rescue by crew Lucy Nychai, Karina Sofit, Olexandra Pavlovska, and Paulshpil. The time here is. We have become a little different and ready to talk about it. We are artists who are going through the war together in an art residence in Ukraine. It's been 23 days since we met again to create a new world together, a new shelter, and at the same time a new project. The reaction to premonitions, fear, and any change is different, we create art in any situation. It unites us and gives us the strength to live life in difficulties.


Ми далеко від дому, де нас люблять і чекають. Тут теж про нас опікуються місцеві люди, але ми тут – нагадування про війну.
Ми в новому домі, і чекаємо один одного, і любимо один одного. Тут ми всі мами для всіх. Велика нова сім’я.
Тут обійми є компенсацією всіх втрат. Обійми, щоб зберегтись… Зберегти обійми.

Березень 2022. Війна в Україні.

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