The project LONELINESS is embodied within an artistic and psychological experiment with people (people were placed in a small white room. For many hours they are alone with yourself in silence). By checking the adequacy of their experience to imagine and create abstractions, catching her own images and stating the fact of social mass Ego Oleksandra Pavlovska depicts the inconsolable process of going crazy due to failure to communicate. The herd fear not to be heard incites people to perform various actions that are often unconscious and maintained by the society showing thereby the way to go out from this self-projected situation.
Psychological individual matters intersect with socially engaged problems creating thereby a lot of contradictions. They are captured by the artist through the process of abstracting and searching for own way out.

The idea to explore the very feeling of solitude experienced by different persons is searching the answers concerning the fear that had grown within the development of the project author’s individuality. She had lost her father and her mother since the first moments of self-understanding. Although she had a happy childhood, Oleksandra is attributed a deeply tragic status of an orphan! And in the adult age after the loss of the closest relatives the 30-year experience of living in society (mass media, literature, cinema, regret of the society) burst out into a paranoid fear that forced her to create her own cosmos for joy and a happy life without a usual fear. The problem is still existing but the artist showed its solution and everybody can look at one’s fear in her photoproject.


Watch performens. Opening of the exhibition, the 'Art Space 365 'gallery, Kyiv
Took part in the performance: Theatre "Chapaj", Julia Sovershena and spectators
Idea: Lydmyla Nychay, Olexsandra Pavlovska

sculptures 'Loneliness'

This sculptures made as an example of the most common poses people who participated in the project
sculptures created:
Ludmyla Nychay, Taras Donenko, Olexandra Pavlovska

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